Monday, May 18, 2009

More of the same...

I am lazy, here is a note i sent to my friend Kate, she was asking
how things were going:

Yes I am starting to blog again. I am back doing some crafts (mosaics - finishing all my old i got so disgusted with i put it outside). In general people do not comment on need one of those counters .. i use HISTATS because it is free ( ) ... My lawyer is $ 4.00 a minute so I don't talk to him. The divorce is not progressing ... so I wrote him a letter and let him know i appreciated how he is driving my issue (he had sent the other attorney a note .and cc'd me on it) ..and that I still wanted a divorce and anything he could do that would not compromise my position financially i greatly appreciated.

We did sell the house! The closing date is May 29 and so far it has passed all the inspections...this weekend Harry and some of his friends are going to move the last bit of stuff out of there and do some light cleaning. Johnny is signing everything on behalf of his dad. Johnny and I have not communicated much but Johnny has gone along with all my suggestions (have two checks at the closing.. 2 1099S forms etc).

Harry is home for the month of May and then will go back to Winona at least four days a week ..he is working at FASTENOL (he got a coop job and its a good opportunity). Its nice having him around ... last night i went for a bike ride with him. I was going to go to a local bar to see SHAWN PHILLIPS (have you heard of him ... cool musician big in late 70's) and Harry was going to drive me up there at around 8pm and then pick me up again at about 11am (I was going alone and I worried about drinking too much - he offered and it saves cab fare ) ..but then I was too tired so i didn't go. But its sooo funny ..only a few years ago i was driving him to the movies to meet his friends or up to the school for a dance and then picking him up when it was over. I love that the whole thing is so reversed. A couple of nights a go i ran into a girl friend of his in the bathroom at 3am. I watched her go back into Harry's room. So then I knocked on the door and Harry answered. I made the girl go home. I told Harry this was not a dorm and we have standards and while i did not necessarily mind if girls slept over they had to sleep in separate rooms. She left. I just can't believe he thinks he can get away with that. I had less clothes on than she did and it looked like they just fell asleep watching TV because her outfit would have been pretty complicated to put on in a hurry. Anyway secretly it made me laugh. He knows that I would go after him with a broom if he was really doing anything. Hope you are doing great Kate. The weather is fantastic. I'll be in touch...planning on taking a few road trips to Chicago this summer. I like your blog too. I love all your stories about your foster pets. Ciao! Anne
On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 9:15 AM, Ed and Kate wrote:

Thanks for the comments on the blog. I've decided people read it but don't know how to write comments. That's OK - YOU DO and yours are important to me!
How is life in your corner of the world? New projects? Work OK? Harry home for the summer? Progress in getting settled? Is the house sold for certain? Your family all doing well? Are you starting to blog again?

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