Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its tough being a single mom..

Oh, I forgot I am retired...

An email exchange with my sister:

Subject: Fw: last night

I got up to use the bathroom at about 3am and ran into Harry's friend Kayla. (She was fully dressed etc. so I don't think anything was going looked like they just fell asleep whatever). But anyway she went back into Harry's room. So i knocked on the door and Harry was in there and I said Kayla had to go home... this was not a dorm and that there were standards and if he was going to have girls sleep over it was separate rooms.

So Kayla left... she only lives a block away. She's a very nice girl so it was all friendly.
Harry says, well what about you? .... and i said how do you know? And he says well I am just assuming. And I said well has anyone ever been here when you were here? and he said no and I said thats right.

I do have to draw the line somewhere.

you prude!

that reminds me...remember when I told you how they named the roads after the characters in Bridges of Madison County and you wrote in your blog how that was promoting adultery or some bs?
Well, we stopped in the diner on the way home from NE on Sunday. The lady working there met Clint when they filmed but made a point of saying she did not like the movie whatsoever. There were pictures of Clint but NOT ONE of Meryl Streep. Such a double standard....

Yeah that is BS. I agree. I did really like the movie though.

Laura, I am not a prude! Its just being civilized! I don't mind if Harry has girlfriends over, but I need to consider formality and its not a dorm room. What Harry does at school is his business... and if he wants to have girls in his room fine.

I saw a movie a couple days ago i was a bit odd though .. Assassination Tango with Robert Duvall. I liked the sex scene.

i was kidding. I agree with you, she should have slept on the couch

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