Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A couple of weeks ago... to Cleveland

A couple of weeks ago I went to Cleveland with my sister Jennifer, my mom, and my nieces Megan and Shannon. We had a good time. My nieces are fun and I enjoyed the drive. Jennifer drove for the first couple of hours and after that we unanimously vetoed any offers she made to do some driving. We all wanted to go faster.

I drove at some point on the way and my mother sat up front with me. We share the trait for complaining about everybody else on the roads driving habits (too slow, what the heck are they doing? no turn signals). At one point my mother offered to
flip some guy the bird who was dawdling. I thanked her but didn't think it would be appropriate. Geeze, but it could shake the guys whole faith in humanity to have such a genteel and sweet looking white haired lady do that to him. However, I appreciated my mom's enthusiasm for getting even. On the way back I sat shotgun with her and we were having the same types of observations (thank god we aren't too big on road rage) and I kept offering to give other driver's the finger in her defense but then would (chicken out) er not do it and she realized I had no backbone but was totally about saving face for me, so I would say "should i give 'em the finger?" and she'd say "give 'em three, the bum!" knowing I wouldn't do anything because i was a coward. It was fun.

Jennifer and I went that Saturday morning to see my dad. I was driving. At one point he was in the car with us...we took him to breakfast and his comment to me was "So Anne, are you just showing off?"

I think my driving was making him nervous. He hasn't lost his sense of humor.

This is my dad and his brother, Uncle Robert. We had such a nice visit. They sat and talked about family and old times, how their parents met.. great stuff.

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