Monday, April 6, 2009

Nothing is sacred....

This is a snapshot from last October of my sisters and their husbands. My older sister Jennifer (the one in the white low cut T and black leather coat) is the Harley Babe. Her husband is the one with the dew rag and NO SUNGLASSES. My other sister and her husband just like to dress up and party. As with all white people, they love theme parties, so "motorcycle theme" was the perfect foil. I like this picture. This is how I think of them, just change the outfits and the backdrop.

My brother in law Jim, Laura's husband, tried to get Laura interested in motorcycles one year by buying her one for her birthday. She ran it into a bush on her first ride, and didn't talk to Jim for three days. Jim should have gotten her perfume, which she would have liked much better. She eventually sold it and bought a lot of really expensive skin care products.

Since this is my first post in about a year I have a lot of catching up to do.

This weekend I am going to go to Chicago with my son. It is the annual Easter Egg contest. Harry and I are discussing our ideas, but we cannot tell anyone (I had second thoughts about telling him..there was a BIG moment of awkward silence when he asked me what I was doing) because this is a highly competitive contest and we do not reveal our ideas in case someone else in the family feels compelled to cheat. We are not a family of cheaters, but we are ruthless when it comes to winning games, and age has no limits.

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RennyBA said...

They all looks great in the picture - not scary at all ;-)

Talking about Easter Eggs: Here is how my family hunt them in Norway.

Happy Easter.