Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My favourite picture of Shannon

This is my niece, Shannon. The picture below was taken twenty years ago at my wedding. Shannon was adorable. The one thing about Shannon besides her fabulous style for dancing, is her personality. We have video of her at my wedding with a big plate of food (big for a three year old) and sitting next to a perfect stranger ( i think it was Mr. Farrell). She sat and ate all the food on the plate, occassionally smiling at the gentleman next to her as if it was her big brother. She acted like it was common place and no problem sitting at a table of strangers. Shannon has always been a friendly good natured soul and I enjoy her company. She likes to hang around with us older dames.
She just graduated from Nursing School last summer which we are all especially proud of, and works in Chicago at NorthWest Hospital.
And, she still has the best moves.

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RennyBA said...

I do agree; Shannon looks great and you've all the reason to be proud of her :-)