Friday, November 14, 2008

The Headmen minus one

I went to Winona to see Harry play. It was a coffee house called "Blooming Grounds"

Harry and his friend were the opening act in a series of acts. The coffee house was featuring a line up of about 6 groups. I guess you would call it "alternative acoustic". I observed that all
the acts did covers, but made them their own. The guy who came after Harry had a definate style that was r&b blues and did a Hank Williams song in a pretty cool way. They were all so young.

The way the boys (Harry and his friends) got the "gig" was Harry was teaching his friend guitar (and that is how this group started) and there was a fire drill at the dorm and the kids ran out with guitars in hand. They continued to play while they were waiting outside and some girl heard them and asked if they wanted to play at this event at the coffee house.

Harry and his friend (one person missing) call themselves "the Headmen". They did 3-4 covers and then one of their own. They did Oasis (Wonderwall),
Jason Miraz, (I'm Yours), Smashing Pumpkins (Time of your life), Semisonic (Closing Time), and then another ..can't remember ..their versions were good. They did one they wrote themselves and that was probably their best, outside the Jason Brasman(?) song. They hadn't done any practicing before their spot, but say they plan to start. Originally Harry said they were going to play 3 songs that he and his friends wrote but ended up only playing one of their own.

The place was crowded. Harry and his friend got a good reception and the crowd was very supportive. Half the crowd were the participating "musicians" and their friends. It was a neat bunch of kids. I was flattered that Harry asked me to come. Very cool. Of course I took the boys out to dinner afterward. Thats a big deal too.

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gmcountrymama said...

Sounds like Harry is quite talented and he plays all the bands I listen to. Glad you are back!