Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back!

So I moved to Rochester, by myself! Everything I did just didn't seem to work out so here I am, and as my soon to be ex husband always says, "it is a wonderful life if you don't weaken..." and it is.

My mom and sisters came up in October because they wanted to "help" and we had a great visit. We went to the local farmer's market.

My sisters are spoiled living in Chicago. They could not help comparing. We went out for a pub crawl and I gave them the 10 cent tour. I live four blocks away from the downtown area. They liked the idea that there might be a bar at the end of my block. That was the way it was when we were living in Lakewood after college. Our bar scene was a bit of a let down for them. They kept saying, "this is out in the boonies!".

Then Laura went out Saturday morning for coffee..up to the local version of 7-11. As she was coming out of the store with coffee in hand, a couple of police cruisers had pulled up, and policemen were surrounding some guy. They pushed him to the ground, their pistols pointed just like on TV, at the guys head. She was freakin' out. What got her worse was that the local bystanders, none really, seemed to notice. It was like normal. People just went about their business. She talked about that the rest of the weekend. So there you go, not average after all.


MizMell said...

Congrats on your move-- and your new life.
Keep us informed, okay?

Ginnie said...

Hi, Anne! Sounds like things are falling in place for you. It can't have been easy, but good for you for persevering.