Thursday, April 9, 2009

So thats what that is...

Our group had happy hour get together at a neighborhood bar after work a few nights ago. My coworker asked me how it was going. I've always been pretty up front with everybody at work, and it is a bull pen, and sometimes I do take personal calls at my desk.

I spent twenty years in a pretty conventional domestic situation, with a husband, kids, pets, and a station wagon. (I still have the station wagon, which I plan to drive into the ground mostly because I can't afford to do anything else!)

So to give my coworker an idea of what was happening, I told him what my kitchen looked like at the moment. That is, my kitchen no longer looks like a kitchen. I took a sculpture class in February. After that I pulled out all the projects that I have had laying around unfinished for the last five or six years, all mosaics, because that has been one of my interests since Harry was young.

The kitchen table is covered in newspaper, with tile clippers and trowels and buckets in piles and stacks on top of that. I have my next projects in a corner with books open and scattered on the floor, in front of the counter and the sliding glass doors, waiting for the ideas that are still being formulated. There are dirty rags on the counter, and gloves for grouting in the sink, and this is the way the kitchen has looked now since February. The rest of the place is starting to look that personal too.

My friend laughed. He said "Hey, that reminds me of what I went through just after my divorce, but for me it was cars. There were car parts everywhere on newspaper all over my house!" Ah, so that's what it is. It made me feel good knowing that this was a perfectly natural condition.

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RennyBA said...

Wooooowww; What a piece of art and I do agree with your co-worker; your perfectly normal :-)

Talking about art and mosaics: You would love to see last years art exhibition in Oslo, Norway!