Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer '08

I turned 50 last July. It really wasn't so bad. My sisters planned a surprise. The tradition started with Jennifer three years ago. Laura will be next year and we'll do Ann (first person on the left) as well, but Ann lives in Memphis. She has so much to say about it.

I had to go to Chicago to celebrate. The surprise was the people that my sisters invited, like Ann! Wow. She was our neighbor growing up. She was Laura's best friend and like a sister to us (she was the fourth sister), and has been a part of our family forever. Wafa, the girl next to Ann in green, came with her husband and kids from Michigan. She buddied around with us Saturday while her hubbie hung with the kids. They have some family here too. We had a great time. Spent the day bike riding around Chicago on rented bikes. We stayed at an old hotel in Chicago and went out to eat and all that and the next morning Cathy and Abu joined us for breakfast. I used to live with Cathy in Oakpark...and then in Elmhurst. It is always nice to see Cathy and Abu.

I spent the rest of the weekend with my sisters and Ann, who had a lot of advise for me on how I should handle the future and my suddenly single status. And my mother, who always gives me great advice, never hesitates to tell me, "Oh Anne you are going to have so much fun!" I love it. How can I lose?


Anonymous said...

Ann - Did you have padding in your bra for this picture?? signed, M

Anne said...

Mom, in the summer i usually don't wear bra's ... i don't exactly remember but most likely i wasn't wearing one. I think its just the angle : )

RennyBA said...

Its sounds great and you look great (with or without a bra :lol: )

Remember; 50 is just a number, so just keep up the good spirit!

Laura said...

Glad to see you're blogging again Anne! I don't recall your brassiere status exactly but I'll bet you were wearing one or you would have heard about it from Jennifer and I (hee hee).

Ann Marie in Memphis said...

I am so flattered to be a "sista"

Thanks Anne!

I had a fabulous weekend. Get ready to gear up for 2010 when Laura turns 50. We will have much to celebrate Memphis in May....Florida, Emerald Isle, NC (2 week open door policy) and much, much moore....Keep on blogging I've got you on my favorite list.

Love you

The Dudashing shee