Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hip Hop for Whites

Where I live is beautiful this time of year, even as it is, as much as I am tired of the cold. I took the picture on my left last Saturday morning,
and yes that is my thumb.

Ok fast forward....

Last night I went to my "dancersize" class... it is the first night of Winter II sessions at the gym. And, because we have such long winters here in Minnesota, we have TWO sessions per the winter season, not just one. So how awful is that?

Anyway, it was a Hip Hop class, which i like better than ZUMBA, only because gracefulness is not a requirement, and it is boxy, and looks tough, and fits my personal style better. My personal style, you ask? Some people would laugh about that one especially if you ever watched me.

Last night a lady that I know from Zumba was there. After a couple numbers, she came up to me and commented that she's missed a few classes, but boy have the dance selections changed. I explained that this was Hip Hop, not Zumba. That explained a lot and the light went on you could just tell. So she danced a couple more numbers, and usually she dances sexy, and she's very good, but with this the steps are different and she was having a rough time. The instructor is also different, not our usual Zumba instructor. So my friend says to me "The instructor is very bouncy. I don't like her." and then she says as if she had some kind of epiphany.. "this is hip hop for whites, isn't it?" and I smiled and nodded, and she gave me this "what a bunch of schmucks!" expression. When the song ended she walked out.

I could tell she was irritated, and I think she was trying to make herself feel better by insulting the instructor. She made her comments like it was an insult, but to who? She's white, I'm white, the instructor is white, we were all white in the class. Oh, excuse me, we have a few Asians..(are they white?) So yeah i guess its pretty white. I am actually not sure how people of color dance hip hop and if its any different for them. Hmmm now that I think about it, we have a few Eastern Indians occasionally, and some Middle Easterners...they are not white, but they dance as white as I do. And so, by the way, do the Asians.

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