Friday, February 12, 2010


Dumb old face book. It seems like everybody, friends, family and now even the 40 something hold outs, are joining facebook. The kids, BUT NOT MY SON, the nieces and the nephews, have been on it for some time. With some of my generation, the change is recent. Not sure the sudden change, but it is becoming the only place they are willing to share their pictures or communicate. They are always telling me they have new pictures soooo go look at facebook.

Well, my nieces took pictures from some time ago when we were at an art fair in Chicago, and that is how I got hold of this survey.

I'll back up... A couple of days ago I filled out this IQ survey on facebook. Dumb old me. The survey asked for my cell phone number and oh boy am I stupid, I GAVE IT OUT. No sooner than did I complete this survey, when I began getting text messages on my phone from Ted, my IQ Coach.

Today, i got the 3rd text message from "Ted". I was feeling harrassed and absolutely po'd that they kept sending me these stupid long winded texts. I asked my coworker if I should tell Ted in a text to F**K Off. My coworker suggested I simply say I was too dumb or something. Of course I thought THAT was dumb, so I sent my original text anyway. I IMMEDIATELY got a text from "Ted" saying that I had violated the T's&C's of Facebook and might lose my subscription! I can't lose my subscription ..i won't be able to see all my friends dumb old pictures! Oh well..figures it would bite me. I still can't get "TED" to stop sending me messages either.

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