Saturday, April 5, 2008

Egg Results are tabulated

First, thank you to all the Judges in this event:
Blackbird , gmcountrymama,those member of my family who always post ANONYMOUS comments so shall remain anonymous, erika, sharryb (who has two great web sites), ginnie, palm springs savant, suzy, kate, kaywag, and MizMell. You guys were great, even those of you who liked all of them!

Bulimiegg and Night of the Living Egg tied with 4 votes!
Eggceptional Ride and Eggy Rider came in with 3 votes! A close second.
Dirty Egg-tini finishes third.
Clown Eggs, Spartan Egg, Plaegg, and Eggstreme Lack of Time all recieved an honorable mention.

So the winners are: Megan (niece) & Me (YEAH OH YEAH!)
Jim (brother in law), Jenny (sister) were second.
Shannon (Megan's sister my niece) came in third (oh yeah!)
Me (again YEAH), Harry (my son), Mike (my brother in law) and Kelly (niece) all recieved honorable mentions. In truth conceptually and ironically some were pretty good. We completely missed the whole Spartan thing .. I thought the concept was LAZY, and not sure what Mike was thinking...probably his egg looked sick to begin with like uh yeah color. Eggstreme Lack of Time was simply clever, which is how I would describe my niece always.

Have to go out now and check out the neighborhood find Peter Rabbit and his family and have a discussion with them about the garden. There have been quite a few of his family members at the birdfeeder this spring.


Palm Springs Savant said...

that was really fun- so many great are all really talented too Anne

blackbird said...

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

Go Me...ha ha losers:)