Friday, September 4, 2009

What did I do on my summer vacation?

I went up north with Corinne! Yes, and we had a G R E A T time. Corinne thinks I am immoral because I kept trying to get out of paying the state park entrance fees ..well.. no-ot re-ally. My thought was if they don't ask don't volunteer. Then come to discover that there are some shared parking lots between the Minnesota DOT and the park system. ANYWAY .. i think we saw every waterfall in Northern Minnesota between here and Canada. We went to the Boundary Waters National Forest and Thunderbay in Canada. I just wanted to see if we would get frisked at the border. I HAVE A VERY EXCITING LIFE. (But highschool my friends and I used to go to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport on a Friday night to go through security and the metal detectors. This was back in 1975. We just wanted to see if we could. And we could. What innocence!) We stayed at a famous er lodge called Cascade Lodge in the Boundary Waters National Forest. The brochure showed a lovely landscape with a Lake Superior view. Amazing how they were able to take the photo and completely edit out THE STATE HIGHWAY right in front of the lodge. (We didn't know it was famous till a found a book in a book store that chronicled its history in Grand Marais.) Needless to say Corinne thought it was a dump. I thought it was pretty nice and inexpensive and better than Motel 6. In truth it was quaint. Overall we did a lot of walking,talking and the weather was decent. We promised each other we would do it again for sure!

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