Friday, July 10, 2009

1- 2 3 AND 4-5 and 6

Go Sistahs! I love this picture. It was taken when we were visiting my brother and his family last May. BEFORE SUMMER REALLY STARTED!

And now it is past the halfway mark (July 4).

My son is headed to Chicago to go with my sisters and their families to Myrtle Beach. I have cautioned him to be careful, drive safely, and carry his weight. He will. I did not go this year because I did not think I could afford it since I did not know what my finances would be like. I wanted Harry to go though. We've always had so much fun. I just wasn't up to it for myself this year.

I signed up for dance lessons. This will be my second shot at it. I signed up in early spring for a class on SOCIAL DANCING through the community education program. I only ever went to one lesson because I always seem to have scheduling conflicts with work and all. This time I signed up through a local dance hall. I asked someone if they were interested and would like to try it with me and HE said yes! Surprise. We went last night and it was fun. West Coast Swing.

The last two times I've gone to Chicago I have gone out with my mom and we've gotten manicures. Good times!

Harry made the Dean's List for the Spring Semester. Yeah! So far so good.
He's got a job this summer with a company and he likes it. He is in a Co-op program so this will last through college if he wants and they will take him through all the departments. Harry is doing better than I ever expected, considering how many frights he gave me growing up so I am very proud of him.

I bought new furniture over the internet (with proceeds from my half of the sale of one of our tractors) and I am very excited. I've recieved the couch and its great and one of the chairs is coming today. I have never ever bought furniture before in my entire life. I have always picked it up from garage sales and second hand stores. I am totally excited.

At any rate, the summer is going by fast and it feels like I haven't done anything yet. That will change.


Laura said...

Great picture

Anonymous said...

Anne, love your blog - I understand your sense of humor - great stuff! mom