Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The EGGS are in! Please help us and VOTE!

Above are all the entries anxiously waiting your comments. Below are the individual entries. EVERYONE participated, including my Brother in laws (i heard the drill and several power tools coming from his work area - we all sequestered ourselves to our own personal spaces to avoid detection and maintain the element of surprise). I am missing one entry but she is an OVERACHIEVER and we can do without that.

(ABOVE) Eggstreme Lack of Time (from a college student just returning home from Spring Break Ski trip in Colorado....)

A Couple of Yeggs (below)....

HAPPY SPRING!!! Your comments (and opinion) are most welcome!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love Craigslist

My life is a little bit crazy right now... we just put our dream house up for sale. Here is the listing. It is way too much work for me living out here. As much as I love this lifestyle and all the birds and bees etc, I need a change. I am seriously thinking of either putting everything up for sale (furniture etc) or having an auction and getting rid of it that way. I want to do something like move downtown (big city right) and rent for awhile. My goal is to simplify my life. I am going to walk away from this one and do something completely different, er like... buy furniture from Ikea ... (I feel like the opening scene on the Mary Tyler Moore show where she throws her hat up in the air and they play that song..well eventually ..things are pretty bad right now).

Anyway, I love Craigslist. In the last year i've sold so many things: a VERY HIGH END tandem (bicycle built for two), a 20 year old car top carrier from Sears, a 300 gallon water tank, a xylaphone, a drum kit, a chainsaw, a keyboard, almost sold the drum set but oh well, and I just put an advertisement for MAX the WONDERDOG out there and have had two inquiries. I LOVE CRAIGSLIST. I've taken pictures of everything in my house. It is so tempting....

MizMell tagged me for a 4x4 meme. I thought someone was going to help me with this but they never did so here goes:

4 jobs I have had: Yarn winder, plant waterer, waitress, waitress, coctail waitress, waitress (oh thats more than 4!)

4 shows i watch (i don't tivo): American Idol, Seinfield, hmmm Seinfield, hmmm John Stewart (well that is sort of 4)

4 places I've been: Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, Washington D.C (worked all these places and lived in them as well...i don't do vacations, i visit relatives.)

4 foods I like: well thats tough Coffee, strawberries, pinnapple, kiwi ...not sure if coffee is actually a food, but I like mocha alot (is that a food?).

4 tags: Jami (she is one of my favourite commenters over at Hollywood: Where hot comes to die), Ginnie , Erika, Blackbird (i know she'll say yes ..well i hope so).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

From the kitchen...

This is one of my favourite pictures of recent history. It reminds me of a picture you might see in a religious education book ..... like the kind we used when I was a kid in CCD, the catholic version of Bible school. I can't remember what the acronym stands for. This picture reminds me of that because we seem to be having fun doing something constructive. Actually I think my mother was getting irritated with us for not focusing on the dishes.
My mom always had lots of energy and enthusiasm and was tenacious as a task master. When I was young, every Saturday, she would get us kids up and we each had a job to do. I had to clean the bathrooms. I remember using a toothbrush to polish the chrome. Now whose idea was that? Not mine, I am sure of it.
The girls took turns doing the dishes at night as well. We would have done them together but we fought too much. I can remember complaining bitterly, as we all did, that my brother didn't have to do them. Well he's got his now. He does lots of them. His wife is very modern.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey we have another two months of this...

I mean, well, March is usually the snowiest, most unpredictable month here in southeastern Minnesota. It doesn't start like a lion..it just looks the same as February, which looks like January. The end of March looks like, well, if we're lucky, mud. So anyway, I borrowed this from another favourite site of mine HOW ABOUT ORANGE?

Can you tell a fake smile? I got 16 out of 20 right. Thats above average. How about you?
Take the quiz...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

Ok, I love Masterpiece Theatre. I found this on Poeticat's blog link via MizMell's blog. I don't normally subscribe to this sort of thing but I love Jane Austen. I've read her novel's and I love all the adaptations of her work.

I am Marianne Dashwood!

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