Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Memory....

Brutus passed away the last week of March 2012. Come to find out Brutus had an enlarged heart...which is common in his breed to some extent similar to bad hips in large dogs.   It came as a major shock since Brutus showed no symptoms and appeared to be very healthy and happy up to the Monday evening when he first started showing very minute signs of stress.    He died Tuesday morning in his family's arms, at the doctors.

The next weekend the kids came home. It was a very sad weekend.  

Brutus was a wonderful friend and companion.  He was much loved by his family.  

He was a remarkable dog.  He never complained, never bit, never said a word.  He always went along with whatever dumb idea his family came up with (photo is case in point).  

Brutus was beloved of everyone.  He will be missed.


Kate said...

There is NO doubt Brutus was sad to leave his family and further, NO doubt they miss him. It's sad to lose beloved pets. May comfort find them in the knowing that he is running free with many friends. My heart goes out to each of Brutus' family.

Anne Rader said...

Kate! Yes...they just acquired two puppy'ish dachsunds .. the pups were in bad shape when they got them..under weight, hard to get rid of parasites etc. I spent last weekend hanging out and helping. Really adorable and fun though.