Monday, March 15, 2010


Last night after my exercise class I used the hot tub at the gym and I met Joan. Joan is 48, and single, and lives with her mother. Joan was from a smallish town in central Ohio. The way she got around to introducing herself was a different, but she wasn't from around here. What she told me was that she had spent 28 years in this little town, and she moved this year, and she missed all her friends.

As we talked, I am thinking WOW, She reminded me of a character out of a novel, or perhaps I could write her into a novel or write about her and make it a novel!

I have never actually met a single person who lived with their mother past say 30. I thought that only happened in fiction novels or movies (creepy guys like Norman Bates, or again usually creepy guys who keep their mom in the freezer, or desiccated in a closet for 10 years to collect on her social security).Single people in novels, on TV or in movies who live with their mothers are never, in my memory, portrayed as healthy, normal people, but Joan seemed pretty cool and I liked her.

Her mom was 87, and they moved here to be closer to her brother. Maybe she needed more help with her mom, I wasn't sure. From Joan's description, her mom was in good enough shape to come to the gym, she just tires easily. I couldn't tell if Joan worked, and I did not ask. For that matter,Maybe Joan has been married and I just have an overactive imagination.

I don't remember the details but Joan asked me if I was from around here, which I
was. Then she asked if I grew up here which I hadn't. When she mentioned she
was from Ohio we had lots to talk about.
Before all this started I had pre-arranged to meet a friend (who happened to be male) in the hot tub. I talked this guy into getting a membership at the RAC, because he had been complaining about his weight and exercising. He was from the area and had lived here all his life except to serve in the army and traveling for work. I had barely said hello to my friend before I started talking to Joan. This friend made no motion to talk to Joan and turned away several times and his body language was pretty clear that he did not want to participate and had no interest in meeting her.

Joan started to tell me what activities she had gotten involved in. They all sounded good and I was encouraging. Joan asked me if it was hard to meet people here. I said yes, you have to be aggressive She kept taking side long looks at this guy, like she was considering addressing him and including him into the conversation. I was just rolling on the inside and trying very hard not to wisecrack. I so wanted to say to Joan... see they are all like him.

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