Thursday, May 1, 2008

My mom was in the hospital

She is not sick ...well not really, just enjoying her golden years. She went in to have a routine stress test performed. During the test the medical professionals saw indication of an irregular heart beat. The doctor wanted to put her on medication to regulate this. In order to do that they wanted her in the hospital for a couple of days for observation while they adjusted the medication.

So I heard from my younger sister, Laura, who stopped by to see her at St. Edwards in Naperville. After telling me about mom's condition my sister added: Mom is enjoying all the attention and "Oh my God" wouldn't you know, every other attendant is some good looking guy, and they all flirt with her, like "well what are you in for, a vacation?" ... and her cardiologist is this blond adonis in his forties! Talk about chiseled!

I called my mom last night to see how she was doing. She was watching a baseball game and doing a crossword puzzle. She referred to the cardiologist as "that doctor that looks like Richard Chamberlain". I asked how she was feeling and how was it going etc and the response was "Great! I am getting all my meals served to me in bed!". Family was visiting. My older sister and my niece stopped in to see her, and it was my niece that gave her the book of crossword puzzles. So sweet. My mom told me about the attendent who has been monitoring the EKG (young, good looking,very friendly) ... one of the monitors on her chest got dislodged and she said to him "Look where it is... what are you going to do about it?" He reached in and adjusted it! That just tickled her to no end!

So then day 2 and I talked to her. She was getting bored... as expected. She was ready to go home. The sweet thing is how many of her family members have stopped in to see her. Her son in-law Mike was over and Billy stopped by. That pleased her immensely.

Laura is going over to her house today to play online Scrabble for her. It is mom's turn. Mom plays with her two sisters. One lives in Connecticut and the other in New Jersey. Mom says it takes about two days to come around to her turn. She had not told her sisters that she was in the hospital so she needed some one to fill in for her in her Scrabble game. She advised my sister not to worry about winning, like by being too clever or whatever. But I know my sister. She'll go for a slam dunk.


blackbird said...

I do hope she's sure sounds like she is!

Loretta said...

I hope your Mom is home and doing well. I should hook her up with my Mom, who loves online Scrabble, also. She doesn't play mah jongg by any chance does she??

LAURA said...


Anne said...

Cool. I knew you would Laura. I'll have to discuss with my mom Loretta. I am sure she does not know the game but she might be interested. From novels i've read etc. it reminds me of Bunko. But that is a really gross impression...from 100 feet.

Ginnie said...

Nice to know that even though you can't be there, lots of your family is. Hope she's doing well.