Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Annual Easter Egg Contest 2010

The competition was fierce this year. We had a new set of judges since everyone complained about last years judges. Last year, the neighbors judged, but they brought over their kids who also judged. Unfortunately the children were easily swayed by props and candy and seemed to get stuck on the first row. We think it was because they were too short to see accross the table or something.

Over the course of the day my sister was approached by the family that judged last year. They wanted to participate this year. Things got tense as the hour approached and she had to field complaints from contestants who complained bitterly about the fact that kids wouldn't get their egg and so forth. As the day progressed things looked grim. The contestants perservered with their ideas not sure whether the contest would be fair. My sister blithely bypassed the neighbors in favor of her friend Dreama, Dreama's sister Faye, and Dreama's husband Al. Dreama and gang agreed to the judging, knowing what a competitive and surly crowd we could be. She and her fam agreed to the judging thinking that it was ok because we were going to go out to see a favourite band playing at a local bar that night, and they liked what Laura was making for dinner.

The Winners!

AL, DREAMA, FAYE were incredible, and serious! That's Jim in the background. Just
ignore him! He thought that would help his chances for winning, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE
KNEW WHO MADE WHAT EGG. It was all very hush hush.


We should explain that the reason Brutus is a Judge, and there is an award: Brutus' choice winner, is because when he was lifted up to the table, that's the one he tried to eat (almost immediately). One thing Brutus knows is opportunity.

THE CONTESTANTS (in no particular order BUT MINE FIRST!)

"the Emperor Who Had No Clothes"

"Fried Eggs"

"Fr 'egg'enstein"

"Egg Monkey"

"Na Egg Vi"

"Egg Petting Zoo"
Hey! How did Na Egg Vi's head get in there?

"Egg Pig"

"Egg The Scream"

"WyEgg Earp"


"Eggs in a Basket"

"EggstraTerrestrial Landing"


"Bombshell McEgg"

And the winners were:

Best in Show - Laura (Fried eggs)
First Place - Laura (Fried eggs)
2nd Place - Jim Eggstraterrestial Landing)
3rd Place - Kelly (Eggs in a Basket)
Most Artistic - Mom's Scream )
Best Animal - Matt's (Egg Petting Zoo)
Most Original – Wyegg Earp Harry's
Lamest - Billy's (Egg Monkey)
Most Creative - Na Egg VI, Eggo, Emporer ( Jenny, Mike, Anne)
Best Break Out - Shannon (Eggstraterrestrial)
Best Theme – Bryan's (Fr'egg'enstein)
Brutus's Choice - Megan (pig)