Wednesday, June 24, 2009

True confessions: A tale of two cats and disaster

If you are familiar with cat behavior you know some of their quirkiness. Cats will get excited with attention and petting and if they are excited they will grab you with their teeth or claws. A dog wags its tail. People think this is a friendly gesture but a wagging tail really just says that the dog is excited. The dog will bite your hand just as easily as lick it depending on its personality and characteristics (hmmm, just like some people when you say hello in the morning). I had one cat that tended to growl a lot. I had another that liked to jump on your shoulders, curl around your neck, and pull on your hair if you gave it a chance. These are sweet things if you like cats, but annoying if you don't, or when you are busy or not expecting it. Nothing to be afraid of, just good to know. If you don't know you can misinterpret the behavior.

My mom was kind of this way with the cats, but there is more and it is worse than that. I think my cats were this way with her. You see it was because they were familar with her in a way that they never would be with most strangers. It was a phenomenon I can't explain but I am sure she confused them. Yes, I am sure this is it.

She is the same height as me and has similar mannerisms and characteristics, so they used to do things to her, I mean treat her in a manner that they would do with me. The results were horrible. I still feel bad about it.

On one occasion she was sitting at my kitchen table and Georgette, the fat grey cousin who looks like a little Russian, was circling her legs and rubbing. Mom was ignoring her. Well trying to anyway. The cat stretched up on her hind legs and with her front paws, ever so lightly, pricked my mom's leg with her nails. Well she just wanted my mom to notice her, but mom got startled and freaked, and tried to kick her off. Of course THEN the cat freaked and hugged my mom for dear life and dug in with all her claws full throttle. She put a terrible scratch on mom's leg that wouldn't heal. Eventually mom had to go in and have the spot removed by a doctor ...melanoma or something. I felt awful and after that my mom always reminded me to put the cats out. Which i did most of the time, EXCEPT for one other visit.

It happened again, but with a different animal. Our orange cat, the youngest, smallest and most playful had gotten in the house and was on a stool, looking for attention. The cat was my baby.

I was in the room, and so were some other people, but for some reason the cat was focused on my mom. The cat was formulating a plan and I could see she was ready to leap. She wanted on my mom's shoulder's and she has never done this ever to a stranger. I have no idea what the attraction was except that maybe she resembles me.

This cat has always been shy of strangers. Mom was about 10 feet away and you could just see the cat calculating. My mom was talking but then she noticed too and she started to back up slowly and this look of horror took hold of her. I tried to get in the way but not soon enough. Mom was turning, and the cat was in the air. Because mom was moving the cat couldn't get the perch she wanted so with front paws first she hit my mom on the back and latched on with claws engaged. My mom did this twirly screaming thing and in seconds the centrifugal force sent the cat flying the other way. The look of horror on my mother's face when she realized what this cat had in mind will live with me forever.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drop 5 years off your face in 5 minutes

I love this sort of advice. I have been saving this note. I'll just leave
it here....

( -- Time to believe in mini-miracles! Beauty gurus say the secret to looking refreshed is in your makeup bag. So what are you waiting for?

1. Give your eyes a lift
So long, dark circles and droopy lids. When you swap smoky shadows and sooty pencils for a softer palette, tired eyes take on a decidedly youthful glow.
Rethink your concealer: Instead of applying it under the entire eye, start at the inner socket, and tap a peach-based shade to a point just underneath the center of the pupil, blending well to cancel out blue shadows. Don't use concealer on outer corners; it can accentuate crow's feet.
Skip the shadow: Define your crease with a pencil instead, in a shade slightly darker than your skin tone -- then smudge it. "You get the illusion of bigger eyes without the heavy look," says makeup artist Pati Dubroff.
Go nude:Trace your lower lash line with a flesh-toned pencil. "It's like eight hours of sleep in a liner," says makeup artist Paula Dorf.

2. Plump your lips
The perfect kisser is cushiony and plush with a whisper of color -- not overly inflated or sharply defined.
Pencil in a pout: Use a chubby tip in a neutral shade to trace the fullest version of your lips. Then blend with your fingertip to soften the edges.
Lighten up:Tiny shadows at the corners of your mouth can turn your smile upside down. Keep them under cover with a dot of concealer.
Go shiny: A bit of gloss on the center of your lower lip and cupid's bow gives the appearance of fullness. Try dusky pinks and soft toffee hues.
3. Get cheeky
Just because we weren't born with killer bone structure doesn't mean we can't fake it. Create the illusion of chiseled cheekbones and give your face a lift.
Start soft: A mousse primer smooths the skin's surface to help the flushed, dewy look stay put.
Add contour: Use two tones of cream blush. Swirl a rosy hue on the apples, then blend a swoosh of bronze below the cheekbones. The result: pretty definition and babylike fullness.
4. Make skin glow
Older complexions can look dull; youthful ones appear moist and even in texture. Look for formulas with light-diffusing particles and avoid powders, which can settle into fine lines and add decades.
Add shine: Skin that seems to glisten naturally usually involves a little artificial sparkle. Apply luminizer to cheek and brow bones and to the bridge of your nose. We like Chantecaille's for fair complexions and Modelco Luminosity Shimmer Whip in Bronze ( for olive and darker ones.
Stay hydrated:Treat dry patches with a refined face oil. Pati Dubroff swears by Rodin Olio Lusso, which "smells divine and gives skin instant luminosity."
Welcome matte: "Nothing is more aging than overly powdered skin," says makeup artist Molly Stern, who opts for mattifying primer instead. Try Smash-box's or Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing primer.
Keep it sheer: Apply foundation only where needed, and choose a formula that can be layered for more coverage.
5. Define your jawline
Why hide behind a chunky turtleneck when face-saving angles are only a powder away?
Slim fast: Using a fluffy brush, blend powder in a shade two hues deeper than your skin just below your chin.
Is your makeup aging you?
Consider this...
Matte lipstick accentuates age lines, creating a puckered effect.
• Yellow-based bronzer makes skin look sallow, not sun-kissed.
• Powder blush rarely delivers a youthful glow (unless it's loaded with shimmer).
• Retro eyeliner is cool, but not when you're trying to look younger.
• Mascara on your lower lashes tends to cast unflattering undereye shadows, so skip it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lets Make A Deal

Me: What should i expect from a dealer? I know they have a profit margin ... i can pay cash or i can get a loan. I can get a loan from my credit union (LIKE CASH) or i can go thru the dealer (or I can just pay cash cash but i think i want a loan to jack up my credit rating).. Do dealers lower the cost of the car if i took a loan out thru them? Does having a TRADE IN affect the price of the CAR (more or less). What's my best angle to get the lowest price possible?

(I think i might hold out for this OBAMA bill to pass where we get a $4500 rebate if the car we trade in has higher mileage than the car we buy).

Mom's right he is going to give us BUCKETS of MONEY. : )

Jim: Looks like the $4500 offer will apply to older vehicles with less than 18MPG and you have to improve by 10 MPG with the new car. Assuming your present car was 18 MPG or less you may get $4500 off a new car. I’d wait for the details before you buy a new car as that is a bunch of dough. Congress is being pushed hard to get this through so details will probably be pretty firm in 60 -90 days.

Best angle is multiple quotes and don’t be afraid to walk. When you trade-in that complicates the issue but you will be looking for the lowest net cost. If they are going to test drive your old car bring a second set of keys as dealers will sometimes lose your keys temporarily so they can talk you into buying. Always, always buy on the last day of the month and late in the day. You may save a couple of bucks with their financing but not much. Don’t get the longer term warranty unless it is about 5% or the total car cost and can offer another 3 years or 50000 miles.

Me: Thanks Jim this is good information. I also sent this to Mike and he said it helps to be Ukranian (funny). He also had some good suggestions but they do a lot of research and I am such an impulse buyer. I pick haircuts based on what the lady whose cutting my hair has. At this point i am having trouble separating myself from my money now that i have it, and my current car is better than just a good car if i want practical (it gets 26-28 mpg) so i think i CAN walk away. Car dealers sound a lot like insurance agents.

Laura: Bullshit, get a MANUAL, how about Hummer? That'll keep ya safe!

ME: Well yeah if i want 12 mpg ... the amount of money i got from the house just barely fills my mattress so its not THAT much. ..and if i get another manual car then i can keep my bmw and mom will kill me. i want a new car for my image not because i need one...and a hummer probably isn't safe. I bet it rolls easy.

Laura: A HUMMER won't roll. And it could be bullet proof which would be a good feature in YOUR neighborhood! What kind of image does a mini-cooper give you?

Me: British cool i hope, i was going for hot but i suspect more like middle aged woman midlife crisis since i've been surveying my friends and thats what 50% of them have (well i asked 4 people and really only 2 of them are friends). I am trying to lose the soccer mom look anyway. The good thing about where I live is that there is a retired EMT two doors down and my landlord is a fireman.

Laura: you know i'm just teasing you, get what you like, you deserve it. British cool sounds about right. My friend Connie has one, she loves it. She's partial to BMWs because the dealer washes it for free whenever she likes. She's in some BMW club too.

ME: I could tell..... actually what i think would be safe others would characterize as aggressive.. i'd want a snowplow on the front (to clip anybody who got to close and to ensure people would yield the right of way ALWAYS) and some of those James Bond spikes on my hub caps that NEVER retract.

AS IT TURNED OUT I AM NOT GOING TO GET A NEW CAR (changed my mind..don't want to
part with the money).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Midlife Crisis Car?

Hey I am thinking about buying a mini cooper. I am going to test drive one this weekend with my mother. That will be a riot. The two of us think alike accept she is 25 years my senior. We'll find some hot salesman in his 60's (compromise) to talk to (geriatric equivalent to a ski instructor). Anyway hope you all are having a good week!

Did I tell you I sold my house?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Got Milk?

Harry and I are at a stalemate.

On Sunday Harry called me and said that we were out of milk and macaroni and cheese and cerial.

"Why don't you go to the grocery store then?" I replied as kind of a question, but mostly a statement.

"I went to the grocery store on Saturday" he says. (Hmmm, so why didn't he have the foresight to know that he would need milk? Not my fault...).

I had not been home all weekend. I was in Pine Island visiting friends. It is hard for me to say no to Harry (he sounded forlorn) so I said ok I would get milk and pasta,mac and cheese, and all that when i got back to town. UNFORTUNATELY, I was almost home and I discovered I had a cell phone in my purse that did not belong to me. I had to drive ALL THE WAY BACK to Pine Island to return it. I was ticked. I would be exhausted from all the driving. I called Harry and told him I wouldn't be going to the store. He should go and get what he needed. When I finally did get home I discovered that all we were out of was milk and he hadn't yet gone to the store. I also discovered that we had cereal and macaroni and cheese and all that stuff. It was just a ruse to make me think it was a bigger issue and that he was neglected. He wanted to use my car to go somewhere, to visit a friend or something in a little bit. I don't care if he uses my car, so I said he could if he went to the grocery store. He got this funny smile on his face and he used his own car.

As of last night (Monday) we still don't have any milk. And Harry said he would go to the store when I called him in the afternoon but when I got home I found him at the pc playing video games with his friends. That was ok. It was a nice evening. I didn't feel like being stuck inside at the gym so I was going to ride my bike to the store. With good intention I planned to finally get a crate attached to the back of my bike, which I have been intending to do for some time, and use this to put groceries in. BUT then I had a couple of beers to CELEBRATE the fact that I FINALLY SOLD THE HOUSE. After that I didn't want to drive. I told Harry i couldn't ride my bike. I don't drink milk anyway so Harry should just quit being such a big baby and GO. Harry started complaining that I wasn't acting like a mother (he says: i need a mother WHO CARES) and so I replied that I thought we should just be friends any. He should think of me as his friend and not his mother....he was too old for a mother and anyway (been there done that) ..lets try something new. We still don't have milk and he still hasn't gone to the store. He's lucky i still do laundry.

BUT all is not lost: he is moving out this weekend.